The perils of growing up…

After construction on the tree house began, I had the following conversation with my oldest son (College Boy):

Me:  Hi, honey, how are you?

Him:  Fine, what’s going on at home?

Me:  Dad’s been working on the tree house.

Him:  (Silence)  The WHAT?

Me:  The tree house.  You haven’t heard about that?

Him:  Nooooo. 

Me:  We moved the fort over to the tree, and dad’s adding on to it to make it a real tree house.

Him:  (In a strong, sarcastic voice)  MY WHOLE LIFE I WANTED A TREE HOUSE.  I MOVE AWAY AND Y’ALL ARE BUILDING A TREEHOUSE….  They (his younger brothers) get everything!  I suppose it will have power and a full functioning kitchen…  What else am I missing?????

Me:  (Laughter.)  Well, maybe if you’re nice, they’ll let you in it.


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