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Lisha FinkI’m Lisha (pronounced “Leee-sha,”) a working mother to three sons, embracing my midlife years and joyfully accepting the fact that I have turned into my mother. I live in the suburbs of New Orleans, where I enjoy an eclectic lifestyle that includes lots of laughter, good food, and wine. I have been blessed abundantly, and try to share those blessings whenever I can.


The Trailblazer (also known as The Firstborn, College Boy):  This one has garnered “favorite son” status because he is now old enough to buy wine. The others will have their turn someday, but for now he holds the distinction. He has recently graduated to adulthood and left the nest to make his own way in the world. My secret wish for him is the same wish all parents have for their children:  to have one child EXACTLY like him — who knows everything about everything.

Slick (also known as The Middle Child):  Obviously a strategic thinker, he has decided to attend college out of state and near the beach. Blessed with cool hair and a quick wit, I’m sure he’ll make the most of the experience. He was once described by a teacher as “the funniest kid he’d ever met.”  I’m sure that will serve him well someday. Or get him kicked out of school.

The Dude (also known as The Caboose or The Little Guy):  An American Idol hopeful with dyslexia.  (That makes homework a boatload of fun!)  He is often on the receiving end of things from his brothers:  advice, abuse, and hand-me-downs.  He tolerates them well, and when he’s the only kid left at home and we have all our money to spend on him, he’ll have the last laugh.

Mr. Wonderful:  My college sweetheart and husband of many, many years.  An Italian boy with some hang-ups about his mother (think Everybody Loves Raymond…)  who served in the military for 25 years, including a one-year vacation in Baghdad.  A builder of awesome treehouses and my personal IT guy, he is the Yin to my Yang.

Perro:  The four-legged family member we rescued a few years ago.  I love him because he’s the only male in this house who makes eye contact with me when I speak.

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To contact The Lucky Mom, send an email to lishawrites (at) yahoo (dot) com.

31 thoughts on “About

  1. Your Moderate Mama

    I am new here to WP so I’m stalking the comment sections of blogs I already follow to find new blogs to follow… that’s why I’m here!

    Looking forward to gleaning from your wisdom!!!

  2. singleworkingmomswm

    Hi, there, LM! I’m giving you the LOL Award! I will be posting about it tomorrow, so please check it out, and enjoy. Thanks for sharing and writing such a terrific blog. 🙂 -SWM

  3. Carol H. Rives

    Lisha ~
    I’ve been reading all around on your site and just love it! Your philosophy on parenting is spot on. I love your advice to younger mothers, as I, too, see them struggling with all the “nonsense” that they just need to let go of, but it’s a lesson they need to learn, just as we mothers of older children have learned.

    I’m in the process of updating my blog, “Pause and Smile”, and I was wondering if I could add you to my blogroll. I love to share good writers with the followers of my blog. Many of my blog-followers are mothers of teenage children, while some are just starting out – they would definitely benefit from your writings.

    Just let me know through a reply to this comment, or you can contact me at carives@mindspring.com , for now. Soon I will be adding a “contact me” to my site with a blog-related e-mail.


    1. Lisha Post author

      Wow! I’m blushing! Thanks for the kind words.
      I’d love to join your blogroll. And tomorrow, I promise to hop over and surf around. 🙂

      1. Carol H. Rives

        Thanks for your permission, Lisha; I’ll have you added in a day or two. Are you on Twitter? I have created a list of bloggers that I follow/and they follow me…. if you’re on, I could add you to that as well.

        Thanks again!

  4. singleworkingmomswm

    Wow, I love your “about” page. Super fun descriptions of what sounds like a terrific family! I decided to meander about your blog via Transitioning Mom’s suggestion, and so glad I did! I also read the “Boy Cave” entry, and I have to share, my daughter’s room looks just like ’em, except it’s pink, green, and purple polkadots, LOL. 🙂 Heading to the “Join the Party” button. Good job, LM!

    1. Lisha Post author

      Thanks!! I’m so happy you stopped by! Yes, those Boy Caves have been both the bane of my day and the joy of my day. It just depends on the day!

  5. Anonymous

    You have come a long way from good old Killeen Tx. I can’t believe you have three kids that old. You were so young and ready to tackle the world. Looks like you have done a good joy.

  6. Anonymous

    Loved your blog! Sorry it took me so long to read it. Your stories are great and easy to relate to.
    Barbara L

  7. Anne Fatzer

    Lisha: Love your blog! Glad you have found your happy place! And you are so right – Moms need to stick together!

  8. theh2obaby

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (yeah, a little bit ago; I’ve been reading yours, but hadn’t gotten around to commenting). Being called very clearly to be anything *other* than mother, I’m pleased that my writing reached you. More power to you and your y-chromo heavy household. And good on Perro for at least looking you in the eye. Kiwi (cat) mostly looks me in the eye when she’s pushing for something. Thank you for sharing your life so candidly and with great humor. ~molly

  9. Transitioning Mom

    I could write, “You had me at hello…” but you didn’t write hello. 🙂

    Love the humor, the descriptions of the family members (including Perro!) and that you’re a mom like me (also married to an Italian LOL!)–doing the best you/we can to raise “normal” kids into functioning adults.

    I’m going to enjoy following your journey!

  10. Louise

    Ha ha ha. I love the intro! My 2 boys are still young but I can totally relate, especially for you wishing Trailblazer has a kid like him. I am so happy I discovered another Lucky Mom!

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