Boxer Shorts and other Concerns

The Little Guy:  Mom, you need to get me some boxer shorts.

Me:  OK.  (Huh?)

The Little Guy:  I need to protect my sperm.  I want to have a family some day.

Me:  Okay.  (Whaaat?)

The Little Guy:  You do want grandchildren, don’t you.

Me:  Yes, I do.  (Exhale.)

The Little Guy:  We had Family Life today.

Me:  Really??  (They could’ve sent home a note.)

Family Life is the Catholic school’s version of Sex Ed, and all material is presented within the framework of Catholic values. A parent’s guide was sent home a few weeks ago, and I flipped through it.  It was full of chapters about marriage, children, valuing life.  Nowhere in it was a chapter about boxer shorts.

And why on earth was I the parent getting to handle this???  My husband wanted sons, and I gave him sons.  So I assumed that when it came time to have all these talks, they would be handled by Dad.  But since I get to spend so much quality time with the boys, I always seem to get to do the fun stuff.  Like talking about sperm.

The Little Guy:  And are girls circumcised?

Me:  No, they’re different from boys.

The Little Guy:  I know, Mom.

Me:  Dad really knows more than I do about this kind of boy stuff.  Maybe you should talk to him.

The Little Guy:  No, you know enough. 

Glad to know I’m qualified to discuss such matters.


9 thoughts on “Boxer Shorts and other Concerns

  1. loisaltermark

    OMG! Too funny! I used to try to send my son over to my husband to ask those kind of questions, and he basically said the same thing yours did. Guess we should be flattered 🙂

  2. Mike

    Okay this is hilarious. I did “the talk” with one son – he sat there eyes wide, overwhelmed. When he saw his “big brother”, he asked him, “You okay?” Reply: “Yea, I think so. Do you know about [?] ..interruption, “Oh yea.” Younger: “Woe.”

    1. The Lucky Mom Post author

      The other guys had “the talk” at CBS in 6th grade. That extra year made a big difference in understanding it all. The Little Guy’s had a few more questions recently, leading me to believe he’s missing a few pieces of information! I’ll brief Dad on what needs to be discussed. Or maybe big brother. 🙂

  3. Eugenia

    LOL they had it yesterday in school for girls and boys, but separately. Francesca started telling me some things and was kinda grossed out. I think it was just female body parts and ovulation issues right now. I told her we really didn’t have this until high school. She was asking some personal issues about me and dad and I had to tell her “umm that is a little personal don’t ya think” LOL But I do tell her to always come to me and not friends. Friends haven’t been through it already and you could get wrong information. Mornings at the bus stop are good times for this conversation for us. I know kinda weird but true.


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