Impulse Buying — or How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

It’s all Target’s fault.

There’s a new Super Target near my neighborhood, and I heard through the grapevine (Facebook) that it opened a few days early AND that there were no crowds AND that they had everything in every size AND that I HAD to drop what I was doing and head over there before too many people found out and it got crowded and picked over.

So a few days ago I did just that.  I roamed through every department getting the lay of the land, exploring every aisle and putting things I didn’t need in the basket.   (This is starting to sound a little like the trip to Sam’s that got me to make Red Gravy, isn’t it?)

Sirloin Medallions. Yum.

As I was roaming through the grocery section (yes, they have a grocery section!) I noticed a package of steaks.  Little sirloin steaks wrapped in bacon, like tiny, affordable filet mignons.  I’m thinking that my kids probably wouldn’t know the difference, and probably would enjoy these affordable (and cute) steaks for dinner.  (No, I’m not an impulse buyer, am I?)

Then I remembered a recipe my friend Nell from Allbritton or Nothing posted on her blog a few weeks ago for Steakhouse Steaks.  She declared that cooking steaks this way at home would never make you pay big bucks for fancy shmancy steaks from the expensive steakhouse ever again.  And that cooking steaks this way would make your husband want to Buy You Things.  All I wanted was to get my kids to Clean Their Rooms, so I figured steaks from Target would be good enough.  In the basket they went.

They were cute little sirloin medallions, wrapped in bacon, three to a skewer. I grabbed three packages and headed for the cashier.  I hurried home to made Nell’s Steakhouse Steaks.  My kids made yummy noises during dinner and asked me to make it again.

They did not, however, clean their rooms.

 *I recommend you hop over to Nell’s site  and read her narrative accompanying the recipe.  You’ll probably find her more almost as amusing as you find me.  (Wink.)


14 thoughts on “Impulse Buying — or How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

    1. The Lucky Mom Post author

      I guess I’ve told too many people now, because I’ve been back to Target twice, and they were out both times. I think I need to speak to the manager!

  1. Blondy Magee

    Super Target, a store you can never leave without spending more than $100. Those steaks sound delicious.

    1. The Lucky Mom Post author

      $100 is if I’m practicing self-control! But those steaks are now on our dinner rotation schedule. In fact, I think this weekend sounds good. Maybe we’ll put them on the grill if the monsoons stop!

  2. Anonymous

    Not sure if it works for your kids, but for mine, he’d have to clean his room BEFORE getting the treat.

  3. Eugenia

    O.k. so the next time you want them to clean their rooms then bribe them and say……”I’ll run right over to super Target if this room is cleaned” hehe


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