Rites of Passage Sure Have Changed

I keep a short leash on my boys when it comes to certain things.  The big kids weren’t allowed to have a Facebook page until they were in high school, and then only under my watch.  Slick and The Trailblazer didn’t have internet on their phones until recently.  The poor Caboose is the ONLY sixth-grader on the planet that doesn’t have a cell phone at all.

So last night was a bit of a big night.  The Caboose sent his first email.  To his dad.  Then one to The Trailblazer up at LSU.  (Then we had to call his big brother to tell him to check his email.)

His new school is very “21st Century,” and most of their curriculum is based from the laptops every student is issued.  They have school email addresses, and they use email as their primary means of communication.

He showed me how to open up Outlook to check his email like Bill Gates must’ve done once to show the world.  I oooh-ed and aaah-ed, and gave a proud smile.  He had two messages in his Inbox from teachers.  And now he has two in his Sent Items as well.

I saw no need for an email address until now.  (The fewer paths pedophiles have to contact my kid the better.)  But his school has an extremely aggressive filter on their services (and it’s required), so whether I was ready or not, it was time.

He’s now entered the world of electronic communication.  And I’m sure he’ll be toting a cell phone before too much longer.  But it won’t have internet.


8 thoughts on “Rites of Passage Sure Have Changed

  1. Greg

    Jordan doesn’t have a cell phone either and he seems just fine with that; but he does have a FB page. The bulk of his content is his latest gaming conquest or turtle comments; typical 12 year old boy social skills. Having or not having FB is neither right nor wrong but just another parental chore from a monitoring perspective. He does have the ability to chat via his XBox 360 (thanks Mr. Gates) and that has presented some good teaching moments concerning discretion and strangers. Am I a good or a bad parent; time will tell. As long as you allow him to be a guest in your home I imagine that is the answer. Happy Friday!

    1. The Lucky Mom Post author

      I recently audited The Caboose’s XBox Friends list, and made sure he was following our policy. I/We have to personally know anyone on the friends list. I’m so mean. 🙂

  2. anon

    Our kid is waaaay too young. He still has to wear night diapers, but he already knows how to navigate the iPhone and iPad. Like you, it is all on Daddy’s accounts and not his own. Scary! Hopefully you will offer us newbies helpful advice on how to parent in the ever changing electronic age.

  3. Eugenia

    LOL I am a lot like you Lisha (we must be sisters from differnet Marys hehe) I don’t want her to have a fb page thought she keeps asking. We explain that is just one more thing I have to monitor. She did get a cell phone last summer when we had to get new phones. (mine broke) so in order to save minutes and money so him and her could chat we added her to our plan for only 10.00 no text or internet. Though she keeps asking about texting too. I tell her “uh you have one friend that you actually talk to on a cell phone, talk don’t text” She did start emailing daddy last year too but that kinda faded since she loves talking to him on the phone. Now I can show her your post and say “See Lisha won’t let her kids have fb either until highshool.

    the phone.

    1. The Lucky Mom Post author

      If I could break the internet forever, I would. Even at my own expense. My Little Guy just doesn’t have the social moxie yet to cope with what would come his way online or with texting. I’ll just have to play my Mean Mama Card a little longer til I think he can handle it!


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