Happy Blogoversary To Me

Friday is the first anniversary of the launch of  The Lucky Mom.  (Big smile.)

I’ll never forget the moment I clicked the PUBLISH button the first time, and held my breath in anticipation, watching the stats, waiting for the first click.  For the first six months of its existence, everyone most of the people who read it were friends of mine, and strangers to whom I gave pathetic pleadings for validation.

Tens of thousands of views later, I think it’s time I started referring to myself as a blogger.  Maybe soon I’ll even call myself a writer.

I am so grateful to those of you who have followed me down this path.  So like Sandra Bullock on Oscar night, I’m going to thank a few people.

Erin – you were my first follower. 🙂

Pepper – you were the first person to share one of my links. 🙂

Blondy Magee– you were the first person I didn’t know to follow me. 🙂

Eugenia – you have left the most comments. 🙂

Life in the Trenches – you showed me the Facebook admin page. 🙂

Mr. Wonderful – you have given me the most inspiration. 🙂

The Trailblazer, Slick, and The Caboose – you have given me the most material. 🙂

Because I’m feeling nostalgic, and because only about 10 people read it, I’m going to re-publish (is that a word?) my first post.  Which is still one of my favorites.  (You really never do forget the first time, do you??)


10 thoughts on “Happy Blogoversary To Me

  1. Anonymous

    I appreciate your written points of view as well as the “flavor” as you taste and see that life is good!
    Rock on!


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