The Athlete

Five hours of travel and waiting around for 18 minutes and 40 seconds of glory.  Worth every moment so I could watch my pale, wisp-of-a-kid run his first 2-mile cross country meet!

Run like the wind, Little Man!


6 thoughts on “The Athlete

  1. Barry

    That’s great!! I used to run cross-country in high school, but my parents never came to any of the meets except to pick me up when I was done. Two miles in 18:40, wish I could do that today… ; )

    1. Lisha Post author

      You know, Barry, my parents didn’t go to everything, either. Bit I know they were proud!

      I’m glad we know now how important it is to just BE THERE for our kids. 🙂

    1. Lisha Post author

      His coach made a point to tell us about his “determination.” Not something I expected to hear about this particular kid. Which made it even more wonderful to hear! Thanks, Anonymous. (I’d kind of like to know who you are, if you don’t mind sharing…)


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