Celebrate Love. Happy Donna Day.

I had every intention of doing the usual commercially-driven Valentine’s Day festivities this year. You know, a basket of trinkets and sweets from the dollar store and fancy, store-bought cupcakes that we’ll ooh and aah over for a few minutes and I’ll toss by the end of the week while the kids are in school.

But I this morning I started reading Mary Tyler Mom’s post about raising money for pediatric cancer, and my plans quickly changed.

I remembered the flood of emotion I felt when I read Donna’s Cancer Story and my heart ached for her mother. I hope I never understand her pain. I hope you don’t either.

Photo of Donna used with permission.

I thought of Donna, of all the Donnas, who aren’t here to open Valentines and squeal over balloons. And I just couldn’t bring myself to get in the car.

I walked over to my pantry instead and pulled out a cake mix that was already there. I baked heart-shaped cakes for my family, with one extra. That one’s for Donna. For all the Donnas who aren’t here to celebrate with us. It won’t be eaten tonight. It will sit on the table as we have our dessert, and we’ll talk as a family about children with cancer. I’ll tell my boys that instead of spending money on trinkets for them, that we made a donation to Donna’s Good Things. I know they’ll approve.

The riches I have in my children are too numerous to count. Their love, their laughter, but mostly their PHYSICAL presence. Here with me.

For this I am grateful.

I’m counting on Mary Tyler Mom to remind me every year to celebrate real love with Donna Day.

Now it’s your turn. Make a difference today.

  • Go to Donna’s Good Things and make a donation. (I did!) Follow them on Facebook so you can keep up with their great work!
  • Find a St. Baldrick’s event near you. (St. Baldrick’s is a volunteer-driven charity that raises money for childhood cancer causes.) Volunteer, donate, blog it, Tweet it, Facebook it.

16 thoughts on “Celebrate Love. Happy Donna Day.

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  2. Shannon Pruitt from 'Mynewfavoriteday'

    Reblogged this on mynewfavoriteday and commented:
    I was taking tomorrow off, until I saw this from The Lucky Mom about a very special story, about a very special girl. THIS is the power of our social world. To embrace a story of a mother and her daughter gone far too soon. To be able to battle a horrible disease like Pediatric Cancer, which our friend Faith also passed from early this year. Blessings to the families and their little ones who fight this battle and lose but also those that fight and still fight. Thank you both to The Monster in Your Closet (http://deborah-bryan.com) and The Lucky Mom for your beautiful posts. And to Mary Tyler Mom (http://www.chicagonow.com/mary-tyler-mom/2012/02/happy-donna-day-its-a-good-thing/) who lost her baby girl beyond too soon, your spirit and hers is strong with you. Happy Valentines Day, little Donna and little miss Faith. You are missed here with us, but now you are the little angels that bring us grace everyday.

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