Keepsake Handprints

For the last few weeks lots of folks have been visiting my blog after searching for instructions on how to make handprint plaques like the ones in my photo.

So if you’re looking for a great gift (either for someone else or for yourself) that will be cherished forever, and your kids are still small enough to fit their handprint on a plaque, click the link below.

Instructions for Keepsake Handprints.

I promise you this: if you make these, you will cherish them forever. Mine are over a decade old already, and they are among my most prized possessions. Because their hands will never ever be little again.


4 thoughts on “Keepsake Handprints

    1. Lisha @ The Lucky Mom Post author

      What?? Playing ball in the house?? Surely not, *furrowed brow*

      I fear breaking one of mine, because then what would I do? I couldn’t keep up a display of 2/3 of my kids. That would make someone feel left out. I’d probably borrow a kid with a little hand and make a replacement.


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