Top 5 reasons NOT to donate to St. Baldrick’s

1. My tiny donation won’t make a difference.

2. They’ll never find a cure for cancer.

3. Those charities don’t give enough of the donations to the cause.

4. I won’t make a difference in the life of any one person.

5. It doesn’t really affect me.

–  –  –  –  –  – –  –  –  –  –  – –  –  –  –  –  – –  –  –  –  –  –

Do any of those sound familiar?

Here are a few facts:

st bald

1. Every dollar matters. I’m pretty sure no one reading this can donate a million dollars. But if everyone who reads this would share it with a few friends, and each one donated $2, we could put thousands of dollars in the hands of researchers in no time flat. (But just in case someone is reading this who can donate a million dollars, that would be really awesome!! In fact, if I can raise a million dollars I’ll shave my head, too!)

2. We can and will find cures. But it takes money.

3. Before getting involved with this event, I checked, and was pleased with what I saw. I even pulled up a few other well-known charities for a comparison. Then I signed up. Click HERE to see their rating.

4. There are parents and children drawing hope every day from these fundraisers. I know, because Robot Boy’s mom is a friend of mine, and I see her getting more excited every day as this event approaches. She knows it’s making a difference.

5. I’ll be posting pics of the event, and I guarantee that seeing what hope and gratitude in action look like its going to make you feel good. And don’t we all like to feel good?


Pay a visit to us over at Team Robot Boy’s Fundraising Page. We’re hoping to break our goal today, and are setting a stretch goal of DOUBLING it before the event Saturday! But we NEED you.

So click. And donate. It’ll feel good. And it’ll make a difference.


And if you’d like to read more about Robot Boy, his Badass mom who’s going to let me shave her head Saturday, and St. Baldrick’s, grab a tissue and click HERE. You’ll be a better person for having done so.



8 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons NOT to donate to St. Baldrick’s

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Thank you for calling my attention to this. I’ve hardly been online, but this is worth being online for. I tried to find a way to work this post into my own, but I couldn’t find a way to make it natural. Mostly, I just wanted to get this out there. Much love to you. And thanks. ♥

    1. Lisha @ The Lucky Mom Post author

      Hey there!! I had a feeling you’d like this. And today’s news got even better. My son has joined Team Robot Boy and (as of today) is the youngest shavee at tomorrow’s event!

  2. eacoyle

    Yes, all great points (the facts, that is)! My husband shaves his head every year for the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser, so I would absolutely agree that it is an incredibly worthy organization. Thanks for sharing!

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