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A Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a plain, insecure, college girl.  One day, she met a guy she wasn’t really crazy about, but who seemed to like her a lot.

She agreed to go out with him, never expecting it to lead anywhere.  (She was a poor college student, and he wanted to take her to a restaurant, so it seemed like a good idea.)  She let him buy her pizza, and then he asked her out again.  Though still a little uncertain about this guy, she agreed a second time, because he wanted to cook for her.

Much to her surprise, the guy turned out to be really sweet.  They dated for a couple of years, and then the Really Nice Guy was ready to graduate from college and head off for his first assignment with the Army.  He knew the girl wasn’t going to wait around forever, so before leaving he asked her to marry him, and she said yes.

The plain, insecure girl blossomed into a beautiful woman, married the Really Nice Guy, and lived happily ever after.

26 years ago today.