Here are a few of the things I’m Lovin’!

  • Having my son home for Spring Break
  • Fresh cut flowers from my garden
  • Leftovers
  • Clean closets
  • White wine in my colorful new wine glasses
  • Hugs from my boys
  • Hot, boiled crawfish
  • Working on costumes for the school play
  • The anticipation of summer
  • My husband’s smile
  • Having company

Tell me what you’re lovin’ these days!


6 thoughts on “Lovin’

  1. Pepper

    Having only 2 more days before semester break (aka, 3 weeks off!)
    The upcoming birthday surprise I’ve arranged for someone I love

    1. The Lucky Mom Post author

      I wish I’d planted gardenias here. I’ll have to remember to get some when I’m looking for something new!

      And I hope you share the birthday surprise with all of us. Surprises are fun!


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