Happy Birthday, Little Man

He wore that jersey for three days straight. Since he hasn't gone through puberty yet he can get away with that.

I thought my life was perfect.  Two terrific sons, a wonderful husband, a new house with a spare bedroom.  I didn’t think it could get any better.  Then you came along, and the relatively calm life we had with two kids gave way to the new hustle of three.

Your brothers were easy.  You were hard. There were times when I resented the amount of effort it took to get through the day.  But that was because I hadn’t yet learned what God wanted me to figure out.  That you were the child who would complete me.  That you were the one I still needed.

For you are the person who made me realize the greatest truth in life:  that we are all EXACTLY what God wants us to be.  There have been people along the way who didn’t get you, who thought you needed to change, to fit in a little better, to be more like the others.  I must confess that I even thought that a few times.  But watching your conviction to be yourself made me realize this great truth.

Thank you.

Now that you’re getting older, I see the greatness that is in you.  You will do amazing things one day, because you think so big.  I’m not yet sure what that thing will be, but I have no doubt the creativity inside you will one day change the world.  You’ve already changed mine.

This year will bring big changes.  You’ll be leaving boyhood behind soon, entering adolescence.  Manhood isn’t far behind.  But I know it will suit you.  In fact, I think some of the constraints of childhood hold you back and that once you’re free to open up that amazing mind of yours you’ll reach heights even I can’t imagine.  Yes, adulthood is going to suit you well.

So Happy Birthday, Little Man.  Keep rocking the world!


19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Little Man

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  2. louise

    This is my favorite post from you so far. What a wonderful write up for your son. I could feel your love.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Ps I love your positive posts!

  3. K

    Hi it’s me K. I read the little man’s birthday. I think you are one the best writers. You have a great talent in writing.Tell the little man I say Hi and happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, I am always really, really envious of how well you are able to write of your true feelings and emotions!! It almost always makes me cry and a lot of times laugh!! I hope you keep a copy of that for him to read later when he can truly appreciate it and understand the extent of your deep love for him. I hope he has a great birthday and a really fun party!

  5. shawn

    Tell the little man we said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! He’s such a great kid and sometimes I wish I could have as much perspective on the world as he has.

    1. The Lucky Mom Post author

      Thanks!! I’ll be sending out invitations to his birthday party soon… keep your eye out! I’m waiting til after school starts and everyone is home from their travels.

  6. Eugenia

    He is a wonderful well mannered kid that has parents of the same and lets not forget he is a cutie pie and one thing he will have no problem with is attracting the girls!

  7. Jodie

    What beautiful and powerful message. I agree that Little Man has amazing things to teach and share with the world. Happy Birthday!


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