Leave a Trail

Our short time here will someday be measured by the legacy of what we leave behind.

This post was prompted by this week’s Write On Edge inspiration:  To come up with a title and tagline that captures your life, or a moment from your life.  Short and simple.

But that’s not how I roll.  So look for the continuation of this thought… coming soon!


18 thoughts on “Leave a Trail

    1. Lisha Post author

      Wow. I’m not sure what flatters me more, your compliment, or the fact that you had an expectation of what I’d write. You are my new favorite fan!

    1. Lisha Post author

      It’s the paradigm I’m trying to live by. If it won’t leave a good trail, then I should re-think doing it.

      Thanks for hopping over, Katie!

    1. Lisha Post author

      I’ve been pondering that for a while now, contemplating a change in direction with this blog. So it was a welcome prompt. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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