The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

My name is Lisha.  And I have a laundry problem.

I’ve mentioned my aversion to folding laundry before in passing, but I doubt any of you understood the extent of it.

Yes, we have a sock problem.

It’s not unusual to find in my beautifully decorated master suite, several baskets of clean clothes lined up against the big dresser.  I place them there so I don’t snag a toe on the basket during the night, and to obscure them from the view of passers-by upstairs.  Because, while I’m ashamed of my little secret, I’m not yet ready to reform my ways.

The usual modus operandi for laundry goes like this:

A load of clothes gets put in the washer.

At some point  Later that day it gets put in the dryer.

Eventually When dry, the hanging clothes are properly hung upon removal from the dryer to avoid wrinkles (we actually do that), and socks, underwear, t-shirts and the like get put in a basket and brought upstairs to fold and put away.

That’s where the process breaks down.  After a couple of days of digging through the baskets for underwear and P.E. uniforms, the socks make their way to the bottom of the basket like pebbles on the river bottom.

And there they sit, until we have absolutely no socks left in our drawers, and I have no choice but to sort them.

I may need to consider a twelve-step program.


26 thoughts on “The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

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  4. Heather Holbrook

    I have got to get me some of that wrinkle remover! I am good at washing and drying, but the hanging clothes never get hung fast enough. This past week I have not had to fold anything as my clone (Aspie son) has been getting in a wee bit of trouble, and folding laundry has been a wonderful consequence to give him. But after a week of trouble, he usually does better controlling himself the following week, so I guess I’ll be back to folding next week!

  5. JD @ Honest Mom

    I have the exact same affliction. All of my husband’s dress socks are impossible to tell apart. I got him sock clips as a funny stocking stuffer and has he used them? No. Too much work, I guess? Ugh, they’d make laundry so much easier if he’s just USE them!

    Oh – and my hanging clothes? They hang for weeks and weeks and weeks…

  6. Kate Kresse

    that’s for sure! Impressed you get the hanging stuff up each time. the socks and undies—who cares—set up drawers or bins and just dump them in the appropriate place. mission accomplished, right;-)

    1. Lisha Post author

      Right! I fold my things, put them away and they stay folded.

      If I take the trouble to fold the boys’ things, they rummage wildly through the drawer leaving a jumbled mess when they looking for something. I’m liking the “dump” idea!

  7. peg

    Wow, you are ahead of me if you hang things up so they don’t come out wrinkled. I have to keep a bottle of ‘wrinkle releaser’ on my dresser. :/

  8. Dawn Ogden

    Periodically, I will make sure all the laundry is clean, and all my socks are sorted and paired up, then I take them all to Goodwill. Then I will buy about 12-18 pairs of identical white socks. I have too much to do (and am waaaaay too lazy) to spend time matching up WHITE socks!

    1. Lisha Post author

      I do that with The Trailblazer’s black school socks. I really don’t care if the left sock is a little more faded than the right. 😉

  9. Thalia

    I think its only 6 steps..dump, match, fold,sort, put away. But the first and most important is….get the boys to do it!


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