Here are a few of the things I’m Lovin’ these days:

{ Source: Pinterest.com }

  • Slick getting his own car.
  • Fresh memories of The Trailblazer being home.
  • The forecast for a mild winter.
  • Pinterest.
  • Trying new recipes.
  • Cooking big, so I can send food to The Trailblazer and his roommates.
  • Helping Slick make plans for his future.
  • Listening The Caboose rehearse for an upcoming concert.
  • The freedom that comes with having older kids.
  • Finally loading music on my iPad.
  • My new laptop.
  • King Cake

Share your list!  Post it in the comments below, or drop in your link!  Can’t wait to see what you’re Lovin’!


22 thoughts on “Lovin’

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    1. I just went for my first run run in almost a year and it feels great!

    2. I got an audio recording of my son giggling, which means I’m set for all those upcoming grumpy moments where I need something to make me smile . . . fast.

    3. Rockin’ bloggers, like you and Transitioning Mom. ♥

    1. Lisha Post author

      I have so much to be grateful for. My boys are wonderful. We try our best to keep things positive here. Much more pleasant to be around, and the results work for us!

  2. kd sullivan

    I’m loving the opposites!
    1. My son not having a car yet…and therefore forced time with me in the car.
    2. My Trailblazer not being home, thus having more time to write…
    3. The snowstorm we are having right at this very moment.
    4. Not having the compulsion to start a new thing and figure out Pinterest.
    etc. etc. 😀 Thanks for commenting over at Renee’s today!

  3. Amy Powell

    Great list of things. Send some food our way too, ok? And maybe some real NOLA king cake… not the stuff they’re trying to sell around here (not that I’d know the difference anyway… but it’s the thought 🙂

    1. Lisha Post author

      I wish King Cake traveled better than it does. It’s like a lei in Hawaii, meant to be enjoyed on the day it’s made. 3-day old pastries that have been tossed around in the back of a UPS truck just don’t do it. ;-(

  4. Thalia

    I’m loving…
    the fact that my grandson will be here any day now
    that I have friends and family because of my husband
    that my son has been given the opportunity of a fresh start
    that my daughter has a great husband
    that my other son has a wonderful wife that takes great care of him
    that my youngest daughter is growing into a fine young woman!

  5. Shannon Pruitt from 'Mynewfavoriteday'

    so fun!

    Finishing my book proposal
    Believing in the possibilities of our future
    Being in NYC for a visit
    Extra time with my minis
    New mini milestones
    KSP’s renewed sense of self confidence with his new job
    more time with friends b/c of me moon challenge:)
    Cooking for friends
    Thinking about things I am liking

  6. Rylan

    My daughter asking for Daddy Rock each morning
    My new(ish) job
    The fact I’m finished with school in March
    Finding matching socks
    Pickled green beans
    Finding a gas station with cheap gas prices

      1. Transitioning Mom

        I’m lovin’
        a warm house
        my daughters’ close relationships with me and each other
        scheduling regular date times with my husband again
        friends that make me laugh
        stretching myself beyond my comfort zone
        discovering shiraz-cab blend
        Celestial Seasonings honey vanilla chamomile tea
        your blog 🙂

  7. Marr Snyder

    I’m lovin’ that my wife’s business is going great guns (and she’s lovin’ the work!) And I’m lovin’ that I have the chance to go sledding with my boy!


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