10 Celebrity Parents who are A Lot Like Me

1  –  Like Britney Spears, I practiced Attachment Parenting. I wanted my children close to me as often as possible. And with her busy partying performing schedule, Britney had to seize every moment she could to be close to her kids. Great job, Brit! I’m sure Dr. Sears would be proud!

2  –  Kate Gosslin took her kids camping. We used to go camping a couple of times a year when my boys were Cub Scouts. Although we did it without a film crew there to document the magic we have wonderful memories of those special family times. Just like her kids have of this moment:


3  –  Alicia Silverstone is concerned about her child’s nutrition. Like her, my son ate what I ate, but I had the messy job of cleaning the food processor after preparing his meals. Pre-chewing seems so much easier, and you can do it anywhere. Great tip, Alicia.

4  –  I put a great deal of effort into making holidays special for my kids. Especially Christmas. We always take a family photo to show how much the kids have grown in the last year. Nadya Suleman started this tradition with her octuplets, too. I’m sure when they’re teenagers they’ll look back at their first Christmas photo with mommy and smile.

Source: bossip.com

5  –  Then there’s January Jones. I, too, was concerned about my post-natal recovery. I took my over-the-counter vitamins, ate a healthy diet, and tried to get plenty of rest. I wasn’t as well-informed as January, though, and I let the medical staff at the hospital take my placenta away instead of having it dehydrated and made into capsules for me to swallow later. Although had I chosen to eat my placenta, I’m sure I would’ve prepared a big celebratory meal to enjoy.

Who’s old enough to remember the Placenta Helper skit on Saturday Night Live. Gilda Radner at her finest. But I digress…

6  –  On the concept of Emotional Intelligence, Alec Baldwin and I seem to be on the same wavelength. Helping children learn kindness and consideration sometimes means pointing out when their behavior isn’t appropriate. And with a young child it’s helpful to use a comparison the child can to relate to. So when Alec left his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, a voice message calling her a “thoughtless little pig,” I’m sure he meant it in a constructive way.

7  –  Were Joan Crawford alive today, I’m sure she’d be my Facebook friend, because we’d have so much to share with each other. I like to drink wine and keep my closets organized, and I get upset when my kids don’t eat their dinner (although I don’t serve liver).

This magnet appears on my fridge. For realz.

8  –  Then there’s Richard Heene, who (like me) works hard to infuse learning opportunities into everyday activities. He taught his son, Falcon (a.k.a. Balloon Boy) about aerospace principles, marketing, and the criminal justice system all in one lesson.

9  –  And Nicolas Cage, who (again, like me) wanted to give his son a legacy name. Each of my boys has a family name for either their first or middle name. Nic’s little dude is named Kal-El. (Superman’s Kryptonian name for those of you not into literary references.) Quite a legacy, dad.

10  –  And last (but never, never, least) is Woody Allen, who is so committed to maintaining strong ties with his grown children that he married his stepdaughter. (Although the term “stepdaughter” is used loosely. I would probably call her  his baby-mama’s adopted daughter.) Because once they grow up and start thinking about moving away, there are only so many things that’ll keep ‘em at home. He seems to have found one that works for him.

I’m sure you have a lot in common with celebrity parents, too.

Please, share your celebrity connection with the group!!



45 thoughts on “10 Celebrity Parents who are A Lot Like Me

    1. Anonymous

      Oh, my goodness, Carol! You’re such a gem! I humbly accept the Sunshine Award, and hope that laughter continues!

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    My brain. My brain, it hurts. Placenta pills? Where do folks get these things?! (And I don’t mean the Placenta Helper, either!)

    1. Lisha @ The Lucky Mom Post author

      I’m willing to be there’s no practitioner in Louisiana who will make placenta pills. Such a person would be run out of town. (And I actually saw the Placenta Helper skit when it aired in the late 70s/early 80s. I laughed my arse off.)

  2. paul

    Truly the highlight reel of some celebrity parenting moments. thanks for the belly laughs, just what I needed to brighten up the miserable rainy Saturday. Maybe I’ll go camping. Where did I put Sarah and Kate’s numbers?

  3. Shannon Pruitt from 'Mynewfavoriteday'

    So classic Lisha, this list is amazing…I have learned so much and I am sure my minis will be grateful:). They love riding in the drivers seat with mommy and love it when I spit my food in their mouths…I will work on some of these others for later in life to make them into well balanced teens and adults with no therapy bills at all! Very funny my friend!

  4. singleworkingmomswm

    Ha, ha, this was a blast to read! I’m so out of the loop when it comes to celebs, and after reading these accounts, I don’t think that’s half-bad! LOL. 🙂

  5. keynoncoaching

    HA! Some fine parenting examples to be sure! Maybe my husband came close to Michael Jackson and his famous dangle-the-kid-over-the-balcony-trick when he considered, if only briefly, tossing our daughter into the Grand Canyon during a very stressful trip when she was only 18 months old! Teething, time change, camping (without Kate and Sarah), you get the picture…..

  6. Heather Holbrook

    Oh, my goodness was that funny! I think I needed one of those Joan Crawford magnets on my fridge yesterday morning. I ended up going a bit Alec Baldwin on them after the second little nonsensical tiff. But all ended well. Like Tom and Katie, I spoiled them, though not with designer clothes, but with a visit to the Mall of America.

  7. Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson

    Look at you all sassy! I thought there were going to be actual pictures of celebrity moms who look like you. You should do that, too! 😉 This is awesome!

    I don’t know who I parent like. Do Tom and what’s her name do Free-Range?

  8. Donnell Jeansonne

    That outfit Octomom is wearing is the exact one I wore for our first Christmas photos, too. Coincidence!

  9. Rorybore

    I feel so bad for Kate’s kids after watching that clip. every single one of our camping trips gets rained out. Now, I can’t say I love it when that happens, but we stick it out. The kids love it of course.
    Maybe if I had gave my kids weird names, I’d be famous by now?

  10. Transitioning Mom

    First off, I’m am laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair. Thankfully, I saved my coffee.
    Second, I think I’m like Courtney Love, in that I don’t like the idea of an older man looking at my daughter in any way other than “fatherly”, and not even that way since she already has a good father. However, I don’t voice my concerns via a Twitter rant. I’m saving that trick for when she’s away at college.


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