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They’re Still Mocking Me

The record heat we’ve been having here has been rough on a lot of things.  My tomato plants would probably argue they’ve had it the worst.  I just can’t seem to water them enough to get them through the daily 95+ degree temps.  Other people seem to be doing alright.  I see huge, healthy plants dripping with ripe red fruit.

Mine have decided to live despite me.  Or perhaps to spite me.  I don’t know which.

I’ve kept them on life support long enough for the ones already there to ripen.  And I’ve picked a few, and (despite the appearance of the branch from which they were plucked) they tasted really good!

Perhaps I should just stick to flowers.

Hard-to-kill Black Eyed Susans

Hardy Mandevilla

Even the drought-tolerant daisies are looking sad.

My tomato plants are mocking me.

My tomato plants are mocking me.

I’ve had a crazy-busy last couple of days, and we actually got some rain yesterday, so it’s been a few days since I went out to give them any TLC.  Today I walk out with the watering can, and what did my eyes see??  A beautiful orange-red tomato!!

Wait.  It’s a lacrosse ball.  And there’s a broken branch.

Looks like a tomato, doesn't it??

Lacrosse ball. 😦

Lots of tiny green tomatoes. We're waiting...

Maybe next week.