Here are a few things I’m Lovin’ these days. (In no particular order of importance.)

  • Sleeping late.
  • Phone calls from friends.  Even though I’ve lost my voice.
  • Serving God.
  • Serving my family.  Even my MIL.
  • SPF 100+ sunscreen.
  • White wine, served in a chilled glass.
  • My son’s anticipation of his new school.

Tell me what you’re Lovin’ these days!


6 thoughts on “Lovin’

  1. Mittie LeCorgne

    I’m loving afternoon showers so I don’t have to water my garden, and taking a nap without feeling guilty.

  2. Betty Groom

    I am lovin’ reading this – thinking of you with chicken nuggets in your purse and the good ole’ days. I have smiled just remembering…… I am lovin’ knowing that some people, while they change and life changes, they grow so much in the light that you can feel the light from them. I have always felt your light. It was a glowing beacon then – now it is an enormous lighthouse.

  3. Anonymous

    My two cats, my new car, and the fact that my son has rediscovered his love of performing music. 🙂


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