OK, so he had a growth spurt.

I can’t always talk on the Internet about the stupid funny things Slick does, because occasionally he and The Trailblazer are so bored they read my blog.  (Usually during class…)  But today the lad threw me a bone.

The Mass of the Holy Spirit was today.  The students at Jesuit High School forgo their military-style khakis and wear a coat and tie on this day every year for the occasion.  Today Slick thought it would be funny to wear his old fish tie.

I love this kid!!

Going up to communion, last year’s history teacher caught a glimpse and started snickering.  This triggered a snickering contagion that passed through my son.   I’m completely stunned that he did not get Penance Hall for this.  And that lightning hasn’t yet struck him down for his irreverence.

And I’m glad I wasn’t there.  Because I would’ve peed in my pants laughing.


11 thoughts on “OK, so he had a growth spurt.

  1. Eugenia

    My dad’s brother (the ref) used to wear bow ties and OMG the outfits that he wore! Only he could pull it off and always with a straight face. At his service they had pictures in a book of all his get ups. One year at Christmas we were there and he had blue pants on with little candy canes on them. At midnight mass a lady came up to him and said…”You made my Christmas” I have no idea where he got his outrageous clothes but he must have gone to extreme lengths to find them before the age of the internet.

    1. The Lucky Mom Post author

      The funny part is that we actually have a “grown up” size of the same tie. (Slick and Dad had matching fish ties when he was about 5.) He let his friend wear the full-size one, and he wore the clip-on-mini-tie.

  2. Anonymous

    Love the tie Lisha, and he is so handsome. Your hands will be full. Watch out for all those young girls! Have a safe Labor Day!


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